Why Al-Mashal

A country will progress if the people living in it are educated and disciplined citizens of the society. As educationists we at Al Mashal aim to do our part with zeal and responsibility.

-Our teachers are aware of the dilemmas of the students’ backgrounds and empathize with them and support them by encouraging them in their studies.

-A school will always be one place where a person will enter and come out a changed person. We aim to groom our children in various aspects of life. Since our children come from uneducated families, we take it upon ourselves to teach them proper ways of living. Their habits are monitored and healthy habits are inculcated in them by watch and learn process.

-If these children are not in the school then they would either be roaming the streets or put to work at an early age so as to provide for their families. We at Al Mashal rescue these children and provide them with education which is their right.

-They are imparted vocational training as well so as to give them a skill which might be useful to them in the future.