Aims & Objectives

As an educational institute we aim to groom these children in such a manner that they come at par with the privileged children of the society. We have kept our goals clear on what we want from these children who come to us with the hope of changing their future. Our aims are as follows:

-We want to keep on providing good quality education to the under privileged children of our society.

-We want to give the children vocational training on the school premises so that when they leave school they should have with them a skill that might be useful to them in their life.

-Since teachers are mainly from the same part of the society, we want to give them proper training so that they become an asset to the society and earning members of their households.

-The school provides conveyance facility to some of the children since there is only one van. Therefore we would want to own another van so that those children who live in far flung areas could also benefit from our school.

-Our aim is to educate as many children as we can so that they become better citizens of our society. For this purpose we need to have more teachers on our payroll so that the student-teacher ratio is high.

-We want as many sponsorships as possible for the orphans so that they receive all the necessities which they otherwise cannot.

-We want people to donate generously food items or dry rations which would ensure one proper meal for these children.

-When the children leave the school it’s uncertain whether they will continue with their studies or not since they may not be able to afford further education.
Scholarships from the school will make sure that they receive the education they are entitled to.

-Field trips are a necessary part of education and any help regarding this would ensure that these children go on frequent field trips which would broaden their horizons.

-Provision of new syllabus would ensure that more children can be enrolled. Notebooks can be printed at a large scale so that the supply doesn’t deplete.