To celebrate the advent of spring, the students and staff of Al-Mashal Welfare Foundation celebrated their annual Spring Festival with good cheer and festivity.

There were sports and other activities for everyone. The older children enjoyed a game of cricket and kite flying, while the younger ones enjoyed themselves on the playground swings etc. There were short educational performances presented by the little children. We always encourage our students to maintain a clean and green environment, so a seed-sowing session was arranged for them. They planted seedlings very happily with the hope of seeing their plants grow in due course.

All the above activities were followed by a potluck lunch where everyone had brought something from home. It was like a picnic on a beautiful, sunny and cool spring day.

Arranging such days not only gives our students a break from their daily routine, but also instills confidence and camaraderie in them. We hope to celebrate many more such enjoyable events for our students in the coming years inshaAllah.