On a mission to make learning more forward-looking and engaging for every child, with developing new school  wide approaches to prepare their students to be successful—in school and beyond their small, rural community. In response, the Al Mashal Welfare Foundation School established an International Montessori Early Years curriculum in the School, Teaching Young children through hands on activities.

Montessori Education: The authentic Montessori Method for early childhood education is like no other approach out there. Those familiar with conventional teaching methods and school environments will discover a truly unique and different experience in a Montessori classroom. Key approaches of Montessori induced activities brought about many positive changes in children such as:

  • Improvement in Key Developmental Stages.
  • Encourages Cooperative Play.
  • Learning Is Child-Centered.
  • Children Naturally Learn Self-Discipline,order,focus
  • Teachers Facilitate the Learning Experience.
  • Learning Method Inspires Creativity and love to learn

Extensive training—comparable to graduate school coursework—is necessary as the Montessori curriculum challenges educators to rethink fundamental classroom dynamics, right down to the roles of teacher and student. Instead of delivering whole-class lessons, teachers prepare individualized work plans for every child every week, and circulate around the room during class time to help and observe students individually.

Al Masahal has all the Montessori Tools, Trainings and facilities to train their students for future endeavors, few of the class room sessions are being shared here: